The only kitchen assistant that might know the recipe better than you do.

Bridge Kitchen gives you handsfree turn-by-turn directions for the kitchen — and it’s smart enough to answer questions along the way.

The what,
and the when.

From choosing what to eat to actually making a meal, Bridge Kitchen walks you through it all. Plan everyday delicious meals at home, for yourself or friends.

Once you tell it what you want to eat, Bridge Kitchen helps you get many things done at once. Cooking more than one dish with only one oven? No sweat. Got guests showing up at 7:30? Simple. Bridge Kitchen works backwards from the time you want to eat, telling you what needs to get done — and when.

Food in the pan,
not on the laptop.

No more squinting at recipes in web browsers on the kitchen counter. Bridge Kitchen gets it.

Give it a recipe, and it doesn’t just read it to you — it understands it. It walks you through the cooking process, making even unfamiliar dishes a breeze to whip up. And you can ask it questions about what you’re doing — like exactly how much olive oil that last step called for — all without lifting a finger.

“Easy as pie” just got easier.

Smart help. Like a great sous chef, Bridge anticipates your needs. If you have a smart appliance that can help, Bridge talks to it — preheating your oven to the right temperature when you need it, for example.
It’s all in the timing. Bridge Kitchen coordinates it all, automatically creating, starting, and stopping timers for you based on the recipes you're following.
Whatever feeds your needs. Don't eat dairy? Not a fan of walnuts? Like shorter prep-times? No problem. Bridge Kitchen remembers your preferences, and helps you find dishes that are to your tastes.
Use what you’ve got. Got milk in the fridge that‘s creeping towards its expiration date? Happen upon the most picturesque heirloom carrots at the farmers’ market? Use the ingredients you already have as a starting point with Bridge Kitchen.

Regain control over what you eat —
and what you spend.

There are so many great reasons to cook at home, from nutrition to cost to dietary preference. With Bridge Kitchen, you eat what you want — and you know exactly what’s in your food.

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