Say hello to Aura —
a smart home platform that hears just like humans do.

Aura allows smart devices to understand their environments, predict and diagnose mechanical failure, and thoughtfully respond to patterns in their users’ daily lives — solving hard problems for OEMs and developers along the way.

A vision of the future in which our digital assistants, appliances and health data are unified into a system that makes decisions seamlessly

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For Manufacturers

Aura uses machine learning to understand what’s happening around it through sound.

Speech recognition gets lots of attention, but listening between the lines reveals a lot. Aura provides OEMs and developers of smart products with a sense of acoustic awareness.

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A set of ordinary microphones in your device — paired with Bridge's machine learning platform — can detect a growing variety of events: from voices to the sounds of a dog barking or a baby crying. Aura understands mechanical sounds too — a doorbell ring or an opening garage door, or the sounds of the normal operation of your own mechanical appliance. Smarts, without specialized sensors.

That means you get to focus on responding to users more intuitively, building more indispensable devices and thoughtful experiences.

Know your customers — and how to win them over.

Comprehending how users engage with your product lets you know what to offer them. Aura helps you intimately understand usage, user context, and intent — so you can tailor the customer experience and continuously improve it over your product's entire lifecycle. Let Aura transition you from simple command-and-control smart devices to truly coordinated, responsive activities in a multivendor ecosystem.

Solve critical privacy and security issues.

Build on a platform dedicated to secure local processing and the protection of raw user data, while taking advantage of the actionable inferences Aura draws from that data. Verify user activity by directly sensing before allowing potentially dangerous actions (like pre-heating an oven) to proceed. And reap the benefits of local processing — reduced liability, reduced cloud costs, better user experiences, and a giant leap forward in privacy and security.

Offer new service models that blow past user expectations.

Understand how mechanical components in your appliance are behaving, and take action when anomalies occur. Aura lets you diagnose — and in many cases, predict — hardware faults through its diagnostics system. This means proactive responses to users when problems occur, reduced service calls, and new subscription models with ongoing utility for customers throughout your product's lifecycle.

Take a sneak peek at
Bridge Kitchen.

Our smart assistant for the kitchen is the first product to showcase Aura’s computer hearing abilities.

For Developers

Listen —
that's the sound of context.

Aura is continuously processing and understanding acoustic events, so that developers can understand the human-scale events they represent. Aura's Inference API allows your app to be notified about the events or changes in world state that matter to you, while raw user data remains private and protected.

Building with Aura means fewer missed opportunities to delight customers — at every point in the user experience.

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More capabilities over time.

Apps and devices can learn new kinds of events long after they've shipped — via a software update to deliver new models, or directly from their users. Your microphone is now a multipurpose sensor.

Speech and non-speech.

Shape your response to a voice command by knowing what else is going on. Bridge enables a new generation of digital assistants by putting speech and non-speech audio processing in the same pipeline.

Directly sense user activity.

No more relying on poor proxies for user behavior – like waiting for the user's cellphone to enter Bluetooth range to infer they've come home. The result is a product that is more secure and less error-prone.

For Users

An assistant that doesn’t just get what you say, but what’s happening around you.

Aura understands both speech and non-speech audio — so it can figure out when Marie comes home, or when Martin is making dinner, without you having to tell it.


That means when you do have a request for it, Aura knows enough of what’s going on to actually be helpful to you — like knowing how detailed an answer to give you, or that your hands might be full, or that the doorbell just rang.

The result? A smarter smart home that really knows how to be helpful — and when to get out of the way.

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